What We Teach

Catalyze Center™ for Learning, as the name implies, is a center that acts as a catalyst to enhance the true potential of students. Our prime aim is to provide custom-made tutorial solutions focusing on the ability of the student, thereby enhancing his or her true potential. We achieve this by offering Live Classes Online.

The objective of Catalyze Center™ for Learning is to provide excellent online tutoring, which can be availed from the comfort of your homes. Catalyze Center™ has perfected the online medium and offers tutoring in three verticals.

School education

Catalyze Center offers unmatched coaching for school level Indian curricula of CBSE and ICSE classes 8-12, International curricula of IGCSE and IB diploma - Science and Commerce streams, Australian Senior Secondary Curriculum, Advanced Placement/K-12

"Live Online Tutoring" Advantages

The major problem of a traditional class is its big size of 40-50 students. One tutor teaches the entire class. But one size cannot fit all. It becomes impossible to give individual attention to students with varying learning pace, capacity and difficulties. At one stroke, the Catalyze Center solves these problems by offering "Live Online tutoring". These are personalized coaching sessions for students from the comforts of home in India, the UAE, UK, USA, Australia or any other location. Learning takes place in a collaborative and participative manner, saving travel cost and time.

Online Tutoring

The Catalyze Advantage

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