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Mrs. Venmuhil Lebin


Ms. Venmuhil is a Mathematics subject expert with more than 15 years of teaching experience. She is well versed in both Indian and International curricula. She is a very enthusiastic and energetic teacher with a great passion for educating students.

Uniqueness of Venmuhil's teaching:

She explains the concepts using appropriate examples and makes her classes lively and interactive. She is a very patient and friendly person and works with students to the best of her ability to ensure that each individual reaches their maximal potential.

She equips students with exam preparation strategies and help them learn techniques that enable them to achieve and succeed in the subject.

She encourages and motivates students to learn by recognising that when they enjoy their subject, they are more likely to experience success.

Rating & Reviews


  • "Helped me in easing all the pressure and unknown fear from my mind"Sahasra, USA
  • "She is just a teacher but a mentor"Aadit, India
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