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Shanthi Balasubramanian


Ms.Shanthi Balasubramaniam is HL Chemistry tutor with a vast teaching experience of 18 years. She is well versed in Indian and International Curricula and is handling students all over the globe.

Uniqueness of Shanthi’s teaching:

Mrs. Shanthi is a HL Chemistry tutor and encourages her students and motivates them to think out of the box. Her emphasis on conceptual understanding combined with dedication to take the student to the next level of thinking have made her a very successful teacher within Catalyze. Her encouraging approach towards helping students solve difficult tasks and questions has been one of her unique qualities.

Rating & Reviews


  • "Amazing Chemistry teacher. Kindles my passion for the subject" Agathiyan Subbaiyan, Singapore
  • "Dedicated and cares about the student" Jagadeep, Advaith foundation
  • "Hands on IGCSE expertise in Chemistry" Amikul Panaich , India
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