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Kavita Varghese


Mrs. Kavita has an M.Phil degree in BioChemistry. She is a Biology & Chemistry expert and has taught the subjects for 10 years. She is well versed with Indian and international curricula such as CBSE/ ICSE/ IGCSE/ IB / AP.

Uniqueness of Her Teaching:

Mrs. Kavitha is a very patient teacher and works with the student providing conceptual understanding and practice. She makes the classes very interesting by combining different methodologies of teaching as well as good use of technology to explain difficult concepts. Her students enjoy her classes and learn in a very engaging manner.

Rating & Reviews


  • "I love her teaching she makes Biology really interesting" Apurva Kodamanchali, Myanmar
  • "Dedicated teacher who is in tune with the student needs" Jovitha Prakash, India
  • "IGCSE biology and chemistry expert. Hands on teaching" Rohan Mulukutlam, UK

When I joined Catalyze I was an average student barely scoring a D grade. Within a few months of joining Catalyze due to the structured approach of the programs and the dedication of the tutor Ms. KavithaVerghese my chemistry score improved significantly and I moved up two grades to a B. The classes at Catalyze are very interesting and my tutor is very kind and approachable.
- Natasha, Grade 7 IGCSE, Bangalore

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