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Mrs. Jasper Anukraham


Mrs. Jasper Anukraham has eleven years of teaching experience in handling students from Indian and International Curricula.

Uniqueness of her teaching:

Mrs. Jasper Anukraham is a friendly and interactive tutor and is very engaging with the student to create and interest and overcome fear of mathematics. She is a Dedicated Math tutor, to create lesson plans to instruct her students in general or specialized subjects within Mathematics. She assures that she prepares math assignments, homework, and tests to impart knowledge and understanding to her students. She also assesses students’ progress and abilities to bridge gaps in learning.

Excellent ability to facilitate and teach difficult concepts to students, including breaking down topics, re-teaching, and checking for understanding. She has strong math skill and knowledge and be able to communicate math principles effectively to her students. She is a student centric tutor, capable of encouraging and motivating the students towards achievements in mathematics.

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