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Ms. Anushaa Nageswaran


Mrs. Anusha Nageswaran has more than five years of teaching experience in handling students both Indian and international curricula and competitive exams as well

Uniqueness of her teaching:

Ms. Anusha is a very enthusiastic and energetic tutor with great confidence. She has her own style of conducting classes taking into account the learning pattern of the student. She is a very approachable person and is a student- friendly tutor who always encourages children and keeps the class lively and interactive. Anusha is not only a high level English tutor and Spell Bee Expert, she also can help with Commerce, accountancy and Social studies.

Rating & Reviews


  • "She brings both challenges and fun in English"Ajay Karthi, India
  • "An amazing teacher and her class was one of my favourites"Krithik, India
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