Parent/Student Video Testimonials

Mr Vikram R Nanthur P/O Abishai Joshua Nanthur - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc_aLzCzRk8

Mrs Govardhan Shetty P/O Anuprita Shetty - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPA9lstJ5HE

Mr Nitin Swamy P/O Shreyas Nitin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v85oBuEx0M

Mrs Vijaykumar Natarajan P/O Vijaykumar Natarajan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnN8tLn6_d8

Mr. Devraj Kumar P/O Anoushka Biswas and Mr Anirudh Biswas - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El3mLx2_oxY

Parthiv Satheesh, 7th IB - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNWze0fSVW0

Mr Velpari Natesan P/O Saddhana Velpari - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6AfeSr49IE

Maxyn Kingston, parent of Sean Kingston - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jBxlwiJT6A

Mrs. Sujatha Pawar, P/O Vedant Pawar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5OoiX2zl_U

Mr. Vikram Shiv Kumar, P/O Mythili ShivKumar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yS71Ow06kc

Vikram Nanthur, P/O Abishai Joshua Nanthur - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x7MZQx1o_I

Ms. Anjaline Chettiar, P/O Palash Bhandari - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-tZC4yTtQ4

Ms. Vijayalakshmi, P/O Viraj Hiremath - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83sjeSsjfmg

Shefali, 5A* & 3A, IGCSE 10th - Student - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn64BPRvSo0

Neel Mukhopadhyay, 12th Std IBDP, Bangalore - Student - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqG5BP3ihrs

Mrs. Baljeet Kaur, parent of Ms. Amikul Panaich - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gws5Q_RGnJ4

Mr. K.V. Rajan, father of Mr. Ananmay - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpjztcUtidI

Neel Mukhopadhyay s/o Raka Mukhopadhyay - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpfhHjpuHFY

Mr. Prashant Arun, AS & A Level Student - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZLahjfWP2c

Tutors Video Testimonials

Ms Selina V P - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDdNKM97TbQ

Ms Gowri Venkatachalam - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nkg29YgZxN8

Ms V G Preethi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdMuAfpyxdg

Ms. Preeti Rajagopal - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9JlywzKUwI

Ms. Venmuhil Lebin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFS26GpDTXA

Ms. Prabha Srinivasan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyBCUylIBTA

Ms. Hema Nair - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBuZov0WapM

Ms. Anusha Nagesh - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDtZraTUg9o

Catalyze is proud of its student Palash Bhandari who is a cricketeer in the Under-19 New Zealand Cricket Team. His team won the trophy in an inter college tournament. Congrats Palash!! Team Catalyze.

Adarsh Narayanapuram a student of Catalyze plays for the Soccer leagues in Spain and was recently falicitated by the Hyderabad Soccer Academy. Being a sportsman he trains in sport but takes online Classes at Catalyze to fulfill his academic credentials. We are Proud of you Adarsh! Kudos to you! Team Catalyze.

Catalyze's Student Kevin Swamy was recognized as an eagle scout. It was a proud moment for his parents and all of us at Catalyze.

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for helping us out with Prasanna.

As you know, Prasanna was in an extremely challenging situation, when we moved from US to India with almost no clear hope of recovery, when we approached Catalyze.

Glad to see the great support, coordination we received from Usha Mam and when things were not working out, Sanjay Sir jumped in, moderated all of us so well to keep us focused to get to today where we see light at the end of the tunnel. It's amazing to see how everyone including Rajashree Mam, Sanjay Sir, Usha Mam and Vrinda Mam stood strong without giving up on my child until he succeeded.

Special Thanks to Catalyze for connecting us with Vrinda Mam, who is the savior of my child. Am not sure how I should express my gratitude to Vrinda Mam.

Prasanna had little confidence when Vrinda mam started teaching him, we went through ton of debates/challenges in understanding the best approach to get Prasanna back on track but If I remember it right, in every instance Vrinda mam was calm, super clear on what needs to be done, it can be done and how long it will take but it took time for me to really get it.

As mentioned in Vrinda mam's WhatsApp DP message "If you think u can, u can!!!, she has proven it that nothing is impossible if we have the right determination, grit by moving Prasanna from a low score of 2 to TODAY when he scored the highest possible grade in 7.

Catalyze has brought my child to a state where he is confident & hoping to get good universities and a good life which could have not been possible without help from each one of you.

Thank you! Stay Blessed!"

- Mahantesh P/O Prasanna, IBDP HL Math

"We introduced our son Kevin Swamy, an IB Senior, to Catalyze Center for Learning, when he needed help in AP Physics 2 and AP Computer Science. We were very impressed with professionalism and commitment of Dr Rajashree from our first conversation and the subsequent pilot lessons from Ms Usha Shathish resulting in us signing up Kevin for classes at Catalyze.

It is almost 6 months since then, and Kevin’s grade on both AP Physics 2 & Computer Science is on A+ (95 %+). We would credit Catalyze team for its commitment, flexibility, and dedication in making this happen.

Ms. Usha’s expansive knowledge and acumen in Physics as a teacher and our ambassador at Catalyze has been commendable. Ms. Poornapushkala is our AP Computer Science teacher and her contribution in Kevin’s computer science learning has been excellent.

We wish Catalyze team best success and growth and strongly recommend Catalyze Center of Learning to parents looking for tutoring help.”
- Sonu Swamy P/O Kevin Swamy USA

"When I joined Catalyze I was an average student barely scoring a D grade. Within a few months of joining Catalyze due to the structured approach of the programs and the dedication of the tutor Ms. Kavitha Verghese my chemistry score improved significantly and I moved up two grades to a B. The classes at Catalyze are very interesting and my tutor is very kind and approachable.”
- Natasha, Grade 7 IGCSE, Bangalore

"We are extremely happy that Rohan Got the best Student-Teacher award for teaching 7th grade students Physics on Teacher's day. Thanks to Ms. Poorvasha his interest in Physics got kindled.”
- Rohan Rao, AS level, Bangalore

"Thanks to the support given by the Catalyze Team and Ms. Kumudha my son Smithinjay scored A in 10th IGCSE math exams.”
- Smithinjay, 10th IGCSE, UAE

"My son Charit has been taking classes from Catalyze for a year now. Being a home schooled student he was very playful. Thanks to the focussed programs at Catalyze and the support from the Tutors he now has secured admission in VIT Computer Science specializing in IOT.”
- Charit, A level, Hyderabad

"My daughter Elamathi has been taking classes from Catalyze since 8th grade. The team of tutors and co-ordinators are very supportive and she scored an A8 in Science and Math.”
- Elamathi, 10th IGCSE, Luxembourg

"I scored a band of 6.5 in my IELTS exam thanks to Mrs. Ramalakshmi and team Catalyze.”
- Ananmay Rajan, Kuwait, IELTS

"I have been taking french lessons from Catalyze for over a year now. Thanks to Mr. Rajakumar's dedication and deep understanding of the french language he was able to guide me to score an A* in my french IGCSE exam.”
- Kanupriya Khemani, IGCSE 10th Mumbai

"My son Kavin has been taking lessons from Catalyze for the past 3 years. It was their suggestion that he attempt PSAT exams and Mrs. Poorni helped him with the math section. He did very well and scored an overall score of 1210.”
- Kavin, USA

"This is the first time we have tried on-line learning for our children, and I must say we are very impressed with Catalyze. The support from tutors is first rate, and the subjects are paced and pitched at a level which allows both my children to learn quickly and in depth, without becoming bogged down while understanding the concepts.

It has been a unique learning experience and both my children have benefited greatly!”
- Krishna and Santhi P/O Lalit Mada AP Physics USA

"My daughter Amikul is in IGCSE Grade 10. Learning Chemistry and understanding the subject was more like a nightmare for Amikul.

But after signing up for classes in Catalyze, the tutor Mrs. Shanthi Balasubramanian helped her to understand equations in a much simpler way than taught at school. She is a wonderful teacher and there are very few teachers like her who takes personal effort and care to ensure the student understands the subject. Due to this Amikul has developed a liking for the subject. I am very thankful to her for boosting the confidence level in my daughter and make her know her potential as a mentor.

Catalyze has created such a wonderful learning environment with live personalized Coaching from a well experienced friendly Tutor to travel with her in each step of her education. Their programs and mentors are wonderful! Thank you Shanthi Ma'am and Catalyze.”
- Baljeet Panaich P/O Amikul Panaich, IGCSE 10th Grade.

"Mrs Poorni, you are by far the best Math teacher and a true blessing to my son Palash. You have invested your time and effort in Palash and he has benefited from the wonderful learning environment that you have created that has encouraged him to grow and develop a life-long interest in Math. Before I started the coaching, he was a below average child in his class and I remember his class teacher mentioning that he must make lot of efforts to increase his standards before the end of Year 7. He was de-motivated and considered himself to be a failure. With your guidance and support his confidence has boosted and has wears a go-getter attitude. The foundation you lay is going to be beneficial for all his life! Thank you so much for being his teacher and mentor. I appreciate all the hard work you put into his coaching; it means a lot to me. God bless you!”
- Angeline Chettiar, Palash Bhandari’s Mother, Auckland, New Zealand.

"My son Vedant has been taking classes from Catalyze for a year now and I am proud to say that he has scored distinction in ICAS mathematics! We are very happy to be associated with Catalyze who have nurtured my son's academic abilities.”
- Sujatha Pawar, P/O Vedant Pawar, Grade 8, New Zealand

"Palash has had an exceptional year. His commitment to learning and perseverance have allowed him to make the accelerated growth program. He has shown 3 times improvement in reading and math according to feedback from his school and this has been the highlight of taking live online classes with Catalyze. Their unique programs and commitment to student centric learning have really helped my son. Special thanks to Ms. Poorni Natarajan for being an awesome math faculty.”
- Mr. Bhandari, P/O Palash Bhandari, Grade 7, New Zealand

"I am using the services of Catalyze for my son who is in 12 grade-A level for the last 6 months through online. They are excellent, have very good tutors, individually focused, meticulous co-ordination and follow up, etc.”
- Ramesh Babu Guptha P

"It's a very comfortable place for both tutors and students to achieve excellence... More power to women..!!”
- Kavita Varghese

"Catalyze is one of the best places to work especially for women. As a tutor I feel happy to help students succeed.”
- Poorni Raghul

"I enrolled my son in a school with an International Baccalaureate programme because it will make going abroad for higher studies easier. The Higher secondary course he had studied till class 9 did not prepare him for the IB standard. Catalyze Center’s online study programme helped him to get to the top of his class and we are very hopeful that he will do well and get admission is a good college abroad.”
- Rangarajan Raghavan

"I took a crash course in SAT-1, SAT-2 math and TOEFL from Catalyze. The teachers were excellent and their Krisp programs helped me score a 1570/1600 in SAT-1, 800 in SAT-2 Math and 118/120 in TOEFL.”
- Rahul Vanamali, SAT & TOEFL, Chennai

"I was struggling with SAT verbal. Mrs. Ramalakshmi is an experienced English tutor and I loved her classes. She taught me comprehension and essay which made me more confident in the SAT verbal Thanks to her I have done my SATs well.”
- Pranit Sanghi, AS level, Chennai

"I would really like to thank SAT quantitative teacher Mrs. Sunanda and SAT verbal teacher Mrs. Ramalakshmi for guiding Pranav and giving the necessary confidence for the SAT exam. The Catalyze Team of Co-ordinators and teachers did a great job of organizing and conducting the classes. The class recordings are an added bonus.”
- Mr. Manoj, Parent of Pranav Manoj, SAT -1, Africa

"I came to Catalyze for NEET online coaching after trying many other institutes. The faculty at Catalyze are high level and are able to clarify all my doubts. The main difference between Catalyze and other NEET institutes is that their personalized programs really reach the student. I also get class recordings for revision later and periodic assessments and tests. To top it all I can learn from my home on a one on one basis. I don't waste time and energy in travel to group classes. I get all the personalized attention i need at Catalyze."
- Reddy Sai Srinivas, Hyderabad - NEET Student

"At Catalyze's unique IIT-JEE bridge program, helped me bridge the Cambridge Curriclum AS and A levels and gave me the confidence to appear for IIT-JEE mains. I was able to learn concepts that were discussed in the CBSE curriculum but were absent in the Cambridge Curriculum.”
- Mr. Aadith Pillai - Pune - IIT JEE Student

"Sagarika was into advanced math classes in Catalyze where she appeared for advanced 10th grade math in 9th grade and scored 93%. Vrinda Khemani, her math teacher taught her with great dedication and passion. Very happy that we came to Catalyze and found such a teacher."
- Shwetha Mangal, P/O Sagarika Mangal, 9th IGCSE, Vietnam

"We joined Catalyze a few months back as my daughter is in the IGCSE commerce stream. We started Economics classes with Shilpi Makhija and the classes are very informative and interactive. Jyanesha really enjoys her classes and it has give her a lot of confidence. Economics is one of her favourite subjects now."
- Manashi Dutta, P/O Jyanesha Dutta, 10th IGCSE, Thailand

"We have been taking online classes from Catalyze for the past 3 years. Nandita was in the Cambridge curriculum till 10th grade and now has shifted to Karnataka State board PUC for 11th and 12th. Catalyze structured a Unique Program for her to bridge the gap between Cambridge and KSB with a view of a customized IIT-JEE program for her. I must admit that this is brilliant!! IT not only cuts back on all the clutter that the regular programs offerend by FIT-JEE and other institutes but focusses on what the child exactly needs. Nandita has performed extermely well in her first physics exam in the 11th grade. Thanks to Mrs. Mythili's teaching."
- Sudha Mahesh, P/O of Nandita Mahesh, Bangalore

"I looked for many tutoring centers for IB curriculum but was not satisfied. Catalyze is a great center where the tutors were very encouraging. My daughter has developed a liking and has built confidence in Math and Physics. Both her tutors Mrs. Vrinda and Mrs. Thahirunnissa have been instrumental in developing her confidence. I have recommended you to many of my friends. It is such a relief not to worry about our daughter's safety when she is learning online. We save time and energy."
- P/O of Nivedha, IB, Grade 10, Chennai

"We are very happy with you and your teaching. Kavin attended the PSIA number sense 5th grade and has been placed 3rd in district. He was also asked to attend the 6th grade Math."
- Kavin Krishna, 6th grade, Honor School, Texas, US

"Hello, A few months into my grade 12, I began to decide how and where to start coaching for the ACT, the standardized test I needed for my college application. Having gone through them once already for grade 11 Physics, my first choice was of course Catalyze Center, who once again put me through to two experienced and warm teachers for English and Math. Twice a week sessions with them for a month and a half strengthened both my confidence and my knowledge of the subject itself, and I'm very grateful for them in assisting me to get the 31 I ended up scoring. Thank you very much teachers Mrs. Sunanda and Mrs. Shweta and Catalyze."
- Meghna, AS level, Chennai

"We are very much happy with the coaching provided by Mrs Chandra. Ashwini says she feels more confident now. We are happy about the teaching and your feedback for her improvement. Thanks again."
- Mrs. Srikala, P/O Ashwini, 9th grade IGCSE, Coimbatore

"The tutors are very hard working and helpful. They gave many tips and suggestions. All in all the whole course is very helpful. Regular tests and revision helps me to be up to date with the portion. Also the way of explanation is very effective and efficient."
- Anam Zafa Kazi, 12th grade-ICSE, UAE

"Thank you for the ACT coaching classes. I succeeded in getting a score of 31 /36. A great help and guidance by my teachers Mrs. Sunanda who taught me ACT-QUANT and Mrs. Shhweta who taught me ACT-English, thank you."
- Meghna Vanamali, Chennai

Interpretation of the score: Score of 31 means one is in the 97th percentile and has a good opportunity to apply to 1402 colleges and getting admitted.

"Thanks to Catalyze Team of teachers with special mention to Mrs. Sunanda, Mrs. Renuka and Mrs. Kumudha for supporting and encouraging Abraham in his IBDP program. With all your support he has secured admission in Nottingham university in the UK. We came to you at a critical point in his life and thanks for being an anchor for him."
- Mr. Mathews, grandfather of Abraham, 12th standard, IB diploma, Bangalore

"We received Rysouke's result. He got an A* in the subjects he took. Thank you Catalyze for supporting him."
- P/O of Ryosuke, Grade 10 - IGCSE, Germany

"I am Meha Modi, an 11th grade student.

I studied the topic mole concept from Malathi ma’am. I did not have any interest in topics related to physical chemistry and I did not understand certain topics at school, so I took doubt clearing sessions with her. I understood whatever she explained. Before I was not able to face mole concept sums, but she explained it to me very well and then I was able to do them.

Also before the class started, she always asked me to summarize what I learnt in the previous class due to which I was able to recapitulate the content from the previous class. She also gave me numerous problems to solve. I enjoyed learning this chemistry topic from her. "
- Meha Modi, Grade 11 - ISC, Gujarat

"My experience with Catalyze has been wonderful! Thanks to a very professional team of faculty and coordinators. Learning is fun! Thank you especially to Meenakshi mam who taught me Biology."
- Anoushka Panchal, Grade 9 -IGCSE, Pune

"Hello Ms. Deepa,
We have received our results and I got an A* in Maths! Thanks for your support!"
- HarshaKumar, Grade 10 - IGCSE, Germany

"Venkatesh really likes Poorni's classes, she is amazing and so is the Catalyze team and their service . We are looking forward to more Maths lessons with her."
- Mrs. Ashwini, P/O of Venkatesh, 2nd grader, US

"I enrolled my son in a school with an International Baccalaureate programme because it will make going abroad for higher studies easier. The Higher secondary course he had studied till class 9 did not prepare him for the IB standard. Catalyze Center’s online study programme helped him to get to the top of his class and we are very hopeful that he will do well and get admission is a good college abroad.."
- Rangarajan Raghavan

"We are deeply indebted to the Catalyze Team to tutor and coach Arya.

As some may not be aware but we live in Tuticorin and this town does not have facilities for ISC coaching. Catalyze helped us fulfil the needs by not only distance learning but the flexibility in time and place. Arya was able to take coaching even during his vacation in other cities.

We are in final stages of finalising his engineering college - Symbiosis and Manipal.
Once again we thank you for all your patience and care."
- Amit Lodha, P/O Arya, Tuticorin

"Deepa is teaching my daughter. She is very committed and flexible with the timing. My daughter is learning well with her."
- Shuba Arunachalam, P/O Deepthi, USA

"Catalyze center for learning is a rare discovery. The way they helped us to find right teacher for Maths and physics subject in CBSE is unforgettable. They are very hard working people. The coordination with teacher and parent is excellent. We are very happy with the way the teacher teach and also with Catalyze who organized it. Wishing them all the best. "
- Priya K Isvarmurthi, P/O Chamundeshwari, Bangalore

"I highly recommend Catalyze Center for Learning to every student who is looking for the best online tutoring. We had to move from India to Germany suddenly and my son could not find an IGCSE school as he has to take the exam in a few months. Fortunately, we came to know Catalyze Center for Learning. CEO and teachers are not only excellent in teaching skills but also in their personality. They are friendly and helpful. The center is not like " just teaching each subject". They are always trying to do their best to accomplish students' aim with standing by them. "
- Kiyoko Kondo, P/O of Ryosuke Kondo, Germany

"My son Rithvik has been taking online tuitions from Catalyze for the past 2 years. We initially started with Math and Science but have slowly moved into economics also. The tutors are extremely helpful and the resources shared have given my son the confidence to face the IGCSE 10th standard exams."
- Venky Ramana, Bangalore

"We were moving from Switzerland to Bangalore and the thought of my daughter having to take Hindi as a second language was daunting. Then I found Catalyze website while browsing and decided to take the online hindi classes. The tutor was very experienced and taught my daughter the basics of Hindi in a patient and interesting manner. My daughter joined the school in Bangalore and has adjusted well to the new system and feels confident about Hindi. Thank you Catalyze and Sarada Ma'am."
- SenthilKumar, Switzerland

"My daughter Neha has been taking online tuitions from Catalyze for the last 2 years. She is now in the 12th standard ISC board. Dr. Rajashree and the tutors worked with us to structure a very personalized and intensive training program for Neha. She was not very confident of chemistry but thanks to Mathivadana Ma'am and Meenakshi Ma'am, she has overcome her initial fear and is able to perfom very well, Thanks to all at Catalyze."
- Haroon Sheik, P/O Neha Sheik, UAE

"My sons Abhilash and Siddharth are studying in an International school in Kuwait and are into the IGCSE curriculum. We were looking for support for them for Math, Science and Economics and Business studies. Dr, Rajashree and myself had a discussion and we structured a very specific personalized program for 3 months before the IGCSE exam. My son Abhilash was also appearing for AS level C1, C2 and M1. Mrs. Sunanda his C1 C2 tutor and Mrs. Mythili his M1 tutor were great resources to guide him. Mrs. Mythili was instrumental in working out so many problems in M1 for him and that really helped him Ace his exams. Thanks!!"
- Mr. Pradeep Nair, P/O Abhilash and Siddharth, Kuwait

"The IELTS program at Catalyze is one of the best. In their 20 hour program they cater to all 4 aspects of IELTS exam, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Very good teaching along with assignments and mock tests helped me score band 7. Thanks Catalyze!!"
- Vinay, Bangalore

"I signed up for SAT coaching at Catalyze with a great deal of hesitation. I was not sure of the online concept and how this would work. But the teachers were amazing and taught me quick shortcut methods to develop speed and accuracy. I learned a lot and have performed well in my SAT."
- Nuvya, Delhi

"The online tutoring experience with Catalyze has been awesome as I come from a small town Tuticorin and there are not many ICSE tutors. The advantage of learning from Catalyze is that we get the best tutors on our screen and so I am able to learn from a tutor in a big city. I get the quality of a big city in a small town. It is so convenient and meaningful!"
- Arya Lodha, Tuticorin

"We have been taking online tuitions from Catalyze for all subjects of the GCSE curriculum. The teachers are well versed with the curriculum, know the relevant concepts and I scored an A* in my 10th GCSE exams. Thanks to all the tutors who worked so hard to contribute to my success."
- Tanav Damodaran, Switzerland

"I'd like to take a moment to thank Dr.Rajashree for being a pioneer in online tutoring and who conceived and founded Catalyze. Their flexible and thoughtful approach helped my daughter overcome her aversion to Chemistry and gain confidence in the subject which enabled her to achieve a good degree of success in her ICSE Board exams. She scored an overall aggregate of 94%. A big thank you to Ms.Chandra, her online tutor who took the time and effort to simplify the complex and gave her encouragement when she needed it most."
- Shobhana Nikam, P/O Prakruthi Nikam. Std X ICSE

"The IELTS online tutoring from Catalyze was very good. Ms. Vedica was extremely patient, co-operative and gave me many practice tests. I am glad I scored overall band 7 in my exams. Thank you Catalyze."
- Ms. Vinnya, Chennai

"I highly recommend Catalyze center to everyone for the SAT exams. The tutors are very good and work with the students pace. They gave me several mock tests that helped me gain confidence. A 2200/2400 was achieved because of their help. Thank you. "
- Vignesh, NY, USA

"Congratulations to Dr. Rajashree and all at Catalyze!!!
Am personally very impressed and happy with the manner in which the classes are held. A great amount of professionalism packaged with a personal touch by each of the teachers. My kids eagerly look forward to these classes.
All the best and looking forward to more in this space! :-)"
- Suresh

"A) Excellent awareness of children's learning needs.
B) Teachers/Tutors have very good knowledge of the subject and are able to adjust their teaching methods to suit the grasping level of the student.
C) Great personal touch given by the teachers - which helped my children to be comfortable with difficult topics in Science and Maths under the IGSCE pattern."
- Mr. Suresh Pillai, Parent of Aadith Pillai, 10TH IGSCE, Pune

"Everything is perfect. I loved the way of teaching. "
- Mrs. Sangeetha Srinivas, Parent of Sanjay, 7TH CBSE, Banglore

"Thank you ma'am for your support and to this wonderful concept... I wish lot more children will be benefitted by "Catalyze Center for Learning" like Surabhi ..she just loves to attend her classes and finds it so convenient and comfortable... I hope to continue this relationship for long long time.. I want to include my thanks to Kumudha ma'am for coordinating and organizing classes so well.. and Sunanda ma'am, Varsha ma'am for taking personal interest in my child's intellectual development..Thank you All...."
- Jalajakshi Sudhindra, P/O Surabhi std X CBSE

"My son Kevin has been taking online tutoring from Catalyze Center for IGCSE curriculum. I must say that Mr.Madan Kumar is giving great support to my son Kevin Emmanuel's learning skills and is making him to realise his full potential. I appreciate the positive strides we have witnessed in his development. Looking forward for continued support."
- Mr. Suresh, parent of Kevin Emmanuel, Std IX IGCSE, Trivandrum

"Catalyze Center for Learning educates me a very creative way and encourages to think out of the box. Online tutoring by Mr. Madan Kumar and Mrs. Kumudha has helped me excel in academics. I have found their method of teaching innovative. They use handson techniques to make sure the students are comfortable and progress on well."
- Shibu Verghese, parent of Persis Shibu Verghese, Australia.

"I am taking online classes for Advanced Placement exams. The team of dedicated teachers at Catalyze motivated me and I have been able to maintain excellent grades this academic year. Thanks to Mr. Madan Kumar and Mrs. Anitha for tutoring and guiding me."
- Chaitanya Ramaswamy, Ohio, U.S.A

"I would like to extend my Big Thanks to You and your team- Ms. Shilpi, Ms.Anitha and Ms. Shruthi for all their support and cooperation thoughout. Convey our Special thanks to Ms. Shilpi. We liked her disciplined approach to each class. We would like to keep up the good rapport going. We will reach out to you in the next academic year."
- Sunitha Peter, Boarding Incharge, Advaith Foundation, Bangalore

"It was a wonderful year of learning at Catalyze Center. We had wonderful teachers and since we were in a group class we enjoyed the interaction a lot. Mrs. Kumudha and Mrs. Kousalya were excellent in their teaching and provided us with ample assignments and worksheets which helped us ace the exams. A big thank you to both."
- Aparna Asokan and Vinishrutha Ramesh, Std XI, Sri Shankara School, Chennai

"After taking online tutoring from Catalyze Center, I feel confident to face my 10th standard board exams. Thanks to the support of Mrs. Anitha and Mrs. Shilpi, I fared very well in pre-board exams also. I hope to return next year."
- Indiraa Pranesh, Std X ICSE board, Bangalore

"The team of teachers at Catalyze tutored me in an intensive coaching session for 6 weeks. This equipped me to face my exams with confidence. Their dedication, punctuality and subject knowledge combined is a rare professional trait that I would like to mention. Many thanks Mr. Madan Kumar for helping me."
- Swetha, New York, U.S.A.

"I owe my success in the 2011 10th CBSE board exams to the team of dedicated teachers Mrs. Kumudha and Dr. Rajashree. I had a dislike for mathematics, but they have moulded me to like mathematics and I scored 10/10 GPA in math and science with a CGPA of 9.4/10. Now my fear and hatred for Math is gone and I am going to pursue my higher studies in Engineering"
- Madhavi, KV, Coimbatore, Std. X

"When I joined Catalyze Center for learning, Rajashree Ma'am spoke to me about believing in myself and that I could do it. I have now scored 9.6/10 CGPA in my 2011 10th exam. I am really proud of my results and tasting success will be a great motivating factor for me in the future. Online coaching has a great advantage as I have been able to shed all my inhibitions and interact one on one with the teacher. This has also been an important factor in my success. Thank you one and all at Catalyze Center"
- Kevin, KV, Coimbatore, Std X

"I scored 94% in my 2011 10th matriculation board exam. At Catalyze Center I learned to be systematic in my approach towards learning, which greatly helped me when I was preparing for my exams. My special thanks to Kumudha M'am for making me a success. Also learning from the comfort of my home through online coaching has been very convenient as I dont waste time and effort in travel to tuition centers. This helps me learn with a clear mind and I am able to save time and energy."
- Swathi, Vidhya Vikasini School, Coimbatore, Std. X.

Catalyze Center™ is that it is very committed to what it stands for. When they commit to a class they stick to the schedule. Classes are going on as per schedule.The teacher assigned to us was very good in teaching, very supportive & co-operative.
- Meenakshi Rayan, Mother of Maha Swetha, Class IX, Vidhya Niketan, Coimbatore

I have been taking online classes from Catalyze Center™ for Learning for a month now. I am a basketball player and am in the school team. The flexible hours that have been allotted to me for online coaching as well as the quality and concentration with which I attend these classes ensures that I dont have to compromise my sport for the sake of studies. I am able to do much more and feel good about it.
- Mrigaj Sharma, Class X, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sulur

Catalyze Center™ for Learning has motivated me to develop a passion for mathematics as a result of which I have scored full marks in my unit test. Thank you.
- Kevin Abraham, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Coimbatore

Learning at Catalyze Center™ is a whole new experience. The tutors first inculcate a passion for the subject and proceed in a sytematic manner so that I understand all the concepts in Mathematics. In 3 months, I scored 92% in my mathematics exam.
- Madhavi, std IX, KV, Coimbatore

Maths is a subject that I always found difficult. After taking online coaching from Catalyze Center™, and clearing all my doubts, I was able to move from 65% to 85% in 2 months time. I am very comfortable with the concept of online learning now and it is really convenient as I can concentrate from home and dont waste any time. I also feel free to ask any doubts and the tutors at Catalyze Center™ are really nice, they patiently explain everything.
- Krithanya, std VIII, Suguna PIPs, Coimbatore

I took Maths coaching from Catalyze Center™ and Rajashree m'am counselled me a lot. I had a fear of mathematics which was removed because of her counselling.
- Nikitha, Std VII, Vidhya Niketan, Coimbatore

I underwent an intensive summer coaching program at Catalyze Center™ for Learning for Mathematics. My tutor worked with me everyday and with the help of intensive coaching and assignments, I was able to get ready for the next academic year. As online teaching is learning from home, I had enough time to learn maths as well as enjoy my holidays!! Thank you Catalyze Center™ for making me understand that Maths can be FUN!!!
- Mounish, Sainik school

I wanted to prepare for my NDA exams and Catalyze Center™ for Learning offered Maths coaching during the summer. I was able to learn maths from the comfort of my home without any disturbance and have aced my exams. The precision with which the classes were conducted and the commitment that the teaching and the administrative staff have are commendable. It will go a long way............................
- Sehgal, standard XII, Sainik school

Thank you for the your cooperation excluding the knowledge of course. It was a great learning experiennce at The Catalyze Center™ For Learning for maths and all other subjects. The initiative and the kind of responsibility you people have taken demands the same kind of recognition which it will get sooner or later.
- Jayesh Surisetti, Nashik

I received counselling and guidance from CATALYZE CENTER™ FOR LEARNING. It was a great inspiration to me and at a time when I was really confused and directionless, gave me direction and focus. This has helped me focus on my studies and today, I am one of the top 4 students in my class.
- Harish, Coimbatore

After 2 months of physics coaching from CATALYZE CENTER™ FOR LEARNING, I scored full marks in my physics exam. thank you sir, for all the training and guidance.
- Anessha, Coimbatore

CATALYZE CENTER™ FOR LEARNING has helped in my time of dire need. Learning from Catalyze Center™ was a whole new experience. The faculty are exceptionally dedicated and trained and have helped me understand concepts that has been the foundation and stepping stone to my success. I will never forget the contribution you have made to my life.
- Jayesh Surisetti, Nashik

Let me first congratulate you for starting this wonderful method of teaching.

What I really liked about Catalyze Center™ was:
1. It is a time saver, as we do not waste time travelling to and fro from the tution center.
2. We get time to observe what our child is doing, without intruding into their study time.
3. There is no distraction from other students, and the teacher and the student have full concentration on the study at hand.
4.The child can clear all doubts, the same day.
5.The maths portion gets covered in advance as she is putting quality time along with the teacher.
Now I would also like to thank you for giving Anessha a wonderful teacher like Anitha. She is very patient and caring. Anitha patiently explains everything till Anessha gets it right.

I wish your centre all the best. God Bless!
- Shyamala Jayshankar

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