Spoken English Classes Online

English is the official language of over 50 countries. Besides this, it is the main language used for all forms of international communication. Being able to speak English is important not just to progress professionally and socially; people who speak English well create a positive impression about themselves wherever they go. The demands of studies, jobs and domestic duties all take up a great deal of time, making it difficult to access the resources need to improve spoken English skills. That is why portals, where people can learn English online, are so popular. However, spoken English cannot be taught in the same way as many other subjects.

Unfortunately, in India, the quality of English spoken by those who teach it varies greatly. Regional languages influence the way English is spoken and used, often to the extent of diluting the quality of the teaching. Local accents, dialects and colloquialisms add to the problem. In many cases, students emerge from these spoken English training courses without the ability to use the language effectively as a tool to achieve their life goals.

At Catalyze Center we offer the best spoken English class in Chennai. Our 3 level online training program is designed to meet the needs of a variety of spoken English needs. Each program is of 30 hours and targets different levels of spoken English.

  • Entry Level Program

    The entry level program introduces students to grammar, vocabulary, sentence formation and other basics of effective verbal communication in English.

  • Advanced Level Program

    The intermediate level program covers advanced level grammar usage and sentence formation, proper pronunciation and more. It also includes group discussion skills, public speaking and resume creation.

  • Intermediate Level Program

    The advanced level program focuses on voice and accent, presentation and interview skills, personality development and other sophisticated English skills.

Each program is a standalone online English course designed to meet specific individual requirements. Taken together, they will enable students to converse clearly, effectively and naturally in English and by doing so, create a positive impression on those they communicate with.

Weakness in spoken English creates many educational, professional, social and cultural barriers, both in India and abroad. Catalyze Center’s online spoken English classes enable our students to overcome these challenges and move their lives in the direction they want to go.

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