“Live Online Tutoring” Advantages

The major problem of a traditional class is its big size of 40–50 students. One tutor teaches the entire class. But one size cannot fit all. It becomes impossible to give individual attention to students with varying learning pace, capacity and difficulties. At one stroke, the Catalyze Center solves these problems by offering “Live Online tutoring”. These are personalized coaching sessions for students from the comforts of home in India, the UAE, UK, USA, Australia or any other location. Learning takes place in a collaborative and participative manner, saving travel cost and time.

Dedicated Tutors

Catalyze Center offers the benefit of the long experience and rich expertise of dedicated online tutors Anitha, Kumudha, Shilpi, Madan, Vrinda, Kousalya and many others. They follow innovative, modern, teaching methodologies, making use of excellent learning materials. Click here to read more about how they have won the praise and admiration of both parents and students in India and abroad.

Courses Offered

Catalyze Center offers unmatched coaching for school level Indian curricula of CBSE and ICSE classes 8–12, International curricula of IGCSE and IB diploma – Science and Commerce streams, Australian Senior Secondary Curriculum, Advanced Placement/K-12 Curriculum for admission to the US and European Universities, and furthermore, coaching for the SAT, GMAT, GRE, and IELTS exams.

Test Series

An authentic measure of the success of a coaching program is the actual scores of the students in the final exam. Quality coaching is indeed essential. But even more essential is the rigorous practice of the modules learnt through a series of tests and mock exams. This is what in reality prepares students to face the final exam with immense confidence and zero tension. And the Catalyze Center has achieved great success in providing students with periodic assessments and excellent test practice.

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