GMAT Online Preparation Classes

Most business schools, not just in the USA, but all over the world, require a student to have done the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to be considered for admission to a postgraduate business administration course. Admission to the best courses is typically limited to those who have the highest test scores. Even those institutes that do not require a GMAT score welcome them as an additional way of assessing students' eligibility and this often gives these students an edge over others.

The test is divided into 4 sections, each designed to evaluate a student's suitability for management studies.

  • A 75 minute Quantitative Section that comprises of 37 multiple choice questions.
  • A 30 minute Integrated Reasoning Section that comprises of 12 multiple choice questions. Most of these are multi-part and require a logical sequential response.
  • A 30 minute Analytical Writing Assessment Section that comprises of one essay based on a given topic with directions on how the essay is to be structured.
  • A 75 minute Verbal Section that comprises of 41 multiple choice questions.
  • Although the structure of the test may appear to be simple and direct, the type of questions, the expected nature of the responses and the time limitations can make it extremely hard. It is not an examination that students can normally study for and do well in on their own. The test has been created by the Graduate Management Admission Council to meet its unique requirements to determine eligibility for admission to management courses. In addition, the test is completely computer based and this can be a challenge even for students who are used to working with computers.

    There are 2 factors that are key to GMAT success:

    • A thorough knowledge of the type of questions that are asked and the ability to respond to them in the limited time available.
    • An understanding of what the test seeks to evaluate. This will enable students to use the knowledge they have in a focused manner to obtain a high score.
    • While GMAT coaching online classes are very popular, many of them do not have the skilled and experienced teachers needed to master this very specialized examination.

      The teachers at Catalyze Center are not just knowledgeable in what the test expects of those who take it, they are familiar with the examination structure and specific skills required for online examinations. Our GMAT coaching online is designed to allow us to work with our students to teach and provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to answer questions in a manner that will get them high marks and also give them the familiarity with the test format and structure that will instill in them the confidence to do well and obtain admission to the best management courses.

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