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The SAT examination (formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized test taken by those who want to study in the USA. The higher the score a student achieves, the wider the selection of undergraduate courses in different colleges that are open to him or her. Since its introduction in 1926, the pattern of the testing has undergone many changes to bring it in line with prevailing teaching systems and scholastic requirements. The current form of the examination, introduced in 2016 has 3 major sections.

Critical Reading: This section contains 52 questions which must be completed in 65 minutes. The type of questions varies and includes sentence completion and queries on passages presented to the student to evaluate comprehension. The passage topics range from sciences, humanities, social issues, personal narratives and more. Typically, the questions become harder as the student progresses through the test.

Writing: This section is divided into 2 parts. The multiple choice questions cover about 70% of the total marks available and the essay makes up the balance. The multiple choice questions are of different types.

  • Sentence improvement questions are designed to evaluate a student's knowledge of grammar by presenting a sentence with faulty grammar which is to be corrected.
  • Error correction questions require the student to locate an error in a sentence or to state that the sentence is correct with no error.
  • Sentence improvement offers the student alternatives corrections to a poorly written sentence from which the best alternative must be chosen.
  • Paragraph improvement presents a poorly written short essay with a set of questions on how the structure can be changed to improve presentation and the logical flow of ideas.
  • The essay section provides the student with a topic on which to write. The topics are chosen to enable students with varying educational and social backgrounds to express their opinions. The time allowed is 25 minutes and there is no specific format to be used.

Mathematics: This section is in 2 parts, 20 questions (5 grid-in and 15 multiple choice) using a calculator and 38 questions to be answered without using a calculator (8 grid-in and 30 multiple choice)

While the structure of the examination may appear to be straightforward and familiar to many students, especially those from English medium schools, the evaluations system and the use of American idiom can be a challenge to those who have studied in India. Online SAT coaching classes are the best way to overcome these challenges. At Catalyze Center, our SAT online course teaches our students how to answer the questions and also enables them to understand the objective behind the test so that they are able to apply their knowledge and abilities to the fullest to maximize their scores.

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"I signed up for SAT coaching at Catalyze with a great deal of hesitation. I was not sure of the online concept and how this would work. But the teachers were amazing and taught me quick shortcut methods to develop speed and accuracy. I learned a lot and have performed well in my SAT."
- Nuvya, Delhi

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