mission, vision & belief

Our belief: "Every child is gifted in terms of talent.
What they are not gifted is only in terms of the opportunities and the mentors they get".


We at Catalyze center for Personalized Online Learning strongly believe in the power of education and technology. By combining the best of both worlds, our goal is to touch and impact the lives of thousands of children who are gifted in talent but are just in need of the right opportunities and the right mentors.


We aim to transform all our Learners to achieve more than their aspirations through personalized education

We aim to transform all learners to achieve more than their aspirations by

  • Understanding The LEARNING curve of the individual
  • ENHANCEMENT of teaching/learning processes through the use of technology
  • ADAPTING (curating or designing) programs based on individual needs
  • Encouraging RESEARCH, reflection and ownership from the teachers and learners
  • Creating a NURTURING environment that enhances learning capabilities
  • Trust - We will have fairness and reliability in all our efforts
  • Integrity - We uphold the highest integrity in all of our endaevors
  • Punctuality - We value punctuality in all our commitments
  • Accountability - We are completely accountable to all our stakeholders
  • Innovation - We strive continuously to innovate in the pursuit of transformation
  • Excellence - We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do
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