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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to test the English proficiency of those who want to study or work in England, Australia, New Zealand and other countries where English is used as the medium of communication.

The test covers students' English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and is completed in under 3 hours.

Reading: Students are provided with extracts from books, magazines, advertisements, instruction manuals and other such material that they will encounter while living in an English speaking country. After reading the material provided the students will have to answer questions on what they have read. This section is of 60 minutes duration.

Writing: This section is in 2 parts. The total time available for completing this section is 60 minutes.

  • Students are given a situation or problem and are required to write a letter either explaining the situation or asking for more information about the problem or issue. Students are expected to decide on the tone of the letter based on the subject it covers.
  • Students are required to write an essay responding to a point of view, problem or argument.

Listening: Students are required to listen to 4 recordings of native English speakers and then answer the question on what they have heard. The time available for this section is 30 minutes. The recordings are:

  • A conversation between 2 people. The setting is an everyday one.
  • A monologue about an everyday occurrence, issue or social situation.
  • A conversation between 4 people set in an academic context. For example, it could be a teacher and students discussing an assignment that is to be done.
  • A monologue of an academic nature such as a college lecture.

Speaking: This section is in 3 parts and is designed to evaluate students ability to communicate verbally. The duration is about 15 minutes. The complete test is recorded for later evaluation.

  • The examiner will ask the student general questions about his/her life on matters such as studies, family, home life, interests, social activities and so on. This typically takes about 4 or 5 minutes.
  • The student will be given a topic to speak on for about 2 minutes. 1 minute preparation time will be given. The examiner will then ask a few questions based on what the student has said.
  • More elaborate questions about what the student spoke about in the previous part will be asked to allow for a deeper discussion of more abstract ideas and concepts. This part typically takes about 4 or 5 minutes.

Millions of people take the IELTS test every year. The competition for admission to good universities is massive and even good English speakers join online IELTS coaching centers. Many of these focus on correcting their student's linguistic faults rather than preparing them for the rigors of the examination. Catalyze Center understands the difference between the proper use of English and what is specifically required to do well in the IELTS test. That is the focus of our online IELTS preparation and online IELTS practice tests. We give our students the skills and confidence they need to do well.

"The IELTS program at Catalyze is one of the best. In their 20 hour program they cater to all 4 aspects of IELTS exam, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Very good teaching along with assignments and mock tests helped me score band 7. Thanks Catalyze!!"
- Vinay, Bangalore

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