How does enrolling with Catalyze Center for learning benefit the student?

Catalyze Center for Learning is a leading online tutoring company that caters to numerous students across the globe. The live, customized one-to-one classes felicitate distance learning at the comfort of the tutee's home. A panel of well experienced, dedicated and passionate tutors are the building blocks of Catalyze who take genuine interest in the student's success. Lessons are tailored to meet the student's needs ranging from basic school syllabus to the much sought competitive exams.

Catalyze Center offers the following verticals,

  • Regulare school/college curriculum
  • Spoken English classes
  • Preparation for Competitive exams

Students can opt to take a one-on-one class or a group class, limited to a maximum of 4 students in one group.

Scheduling the classes as per student's requirements and flexibility is what makes us unique. We have our coordinators who are always approachable and can you give you the best of the services.

How does online tutoring work? Can I attend a demo class?

In order to get a glimpse of how it works, please see this video. You can also attend a demo class on any chosen subject by registering on our website or sending an email to info@catalyzecenter.com

What are the other services that Catalyze Center offers?

Catalyze Center also offers career and student counselling in order to help and guide students to know what they want and also to get what they want. For more details click here.

Catalyze Center's resource center, is a collection of resources and learning material that is brought to you by our experts. It encompasses an organized collection of learning material that has audio and video resources and previous year question papers. The resources are available on the home page of the website.

Catalyze Center also regularly comes up with interesting blog posts, articles and workshops to motivate students and enhance their learning potential. You can find them in our bulletin board. We strongly suggest you to subscribe to our free weekly/fortnightly newsletter. To subscribe, please click here.

What are the levels (grades) for which Catalyze Center™ offers its tutoring services?

Catalyze Center™ currently caters to students from grades 4 to 12 in the CBSE, ICSE, ICS, IB, IGCSE, Australian curriculum and various state board streams.

Apart from the regular curricula, Spoken English classes (other languages also) and preparation for competitive exams are catered to.

What are the gadgets/tools that a student must have, in order to take online classes?

To attend an online class, a student must have the following:

A PC with latest Windows (or more recent) or a MAC. A headset with a microphone, high speed internet, a minimum of 4Mbps speed is recommended, A digital pen tablet (optional for student)These links may help you get an idea of the various products in the market - Bizrate, ebay, Flipkart, and Amazon respectively.

Any compatible browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE) and Skype needs to be installed on your laptop or desktop.

How are the learning sessions scheduled?

Students / Parents can log in to their personal dashboard on the website and check the scheduled learning sessions. The faculty will also log in seeing his/her schedule on their personal dashboard. The students may run a timer to keep track of the duration of their classes, using the timer.

However, this is optional for the student.

Depending on the student's needs, each student can take upto 2 classes per week per subject. In case of extensive needs, they can have 3 to 4 classes in a week per subject. For doubt clearing session, one class per week would suffice.

The session timings are scheduled based on availability and convenience of both the tutor and the student. Early morning and late evening classes can be arranged for students who are at different time zones.

Will Catalyze Center help with regular homework?

Yes. Catalyze Center's objective is to help the student understand the concepts and also apply them in doing their regular home work. As Van Gogh says "If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well, one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of many things." Our aim is to improve the student's understanding of concepts, so that he/she is able to apply the concepts over a wide range along with their homework.

How can I track the progress of my son/daughter?

Parents will be informed of the student's progress through corrected assignments, tests and score cards through periodic email communications. Regular online PTA meetings will be scheduled with the parents, to update them on their child's progress. The parents can at any time request to have a meeting with the concerned tutor by approaching the class coordinator and we shall fix an appointment with the tutor.

Does it cost more to get tuitions online?

Please consider the amount and time and energy you spend sending your son/daughter to a coaching class – coaching fee plus the cost of travel, guides, self-study books, frequent cancellations, road safety etc. Compared to this, online learning is definitely less expensive and can happen in the comfort zone of one's home and with a tutor who is dedicating an entire hour's time just for you.

Computers with internet connection are an indispensable part of our life today and have become our window to the world. Learning online will definitely increase the productivity of your child, as long treks to tuition centres and crowded classrooms are avoided.

Can I enroll for multiple courses at different timings?

Sure. This is a major advantage of online tutoring - long commutes are avoided. Multiple courses can be taken on a day and time of your choice.

What are the various payment options available? To whom and where should I send my fees?

Fee payments can be done through online transfer or through payment links. The fee amount and account details will be sent to the students on registration.

Please contact us for the pricing related information on Mobile No: 7598161122

If a student is not satisfied with a teacher, will the fees be returned?

We have stringent selection process to ensure that we take onboard the best teachers; therefore this situation is very unlikely. If a particular student is not happy with a particular tutor, we will make every effort to understand the needs of the student and take necessary action accordingly. Fees once paid will not be returned.

Also, a free demo class is given to the student before they pay and start with us.

Please refer the testimonials section of our website to get an insight into our teacher's experience.

Should we re-register all over again to attend next year's classes?

Not required. Once your details are entered at the time of enrolment, it remains in our database. With this year's enrolment number, the enrolment will be activated for next year, once the fee is paid.

However, you need to contact us for the scheduling of the classes for the new year, through an email to info@catalyzenter.com

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