Center Achievements

International Curricula

  • Kevin Swamy. USA, A+ in Physics 2 & Computer Science AP
  • Natasha, Bangalore, B in Chemistry IGCSE Grade 7
  • Rohan Rao, Bangalore, Best Student-Teacher Award AS level 11th Grade
  • Smithinjay, A in 10th Grade IGCSE Math Exam, UAE
  • Charit, Hyderabad, A Level Got admission in VIT Computer Science
  • Elamathi, A8 in Science and Math IGCSE 10th Grade, Luxembourg
  • Kanupriya Khemani, Mumbai, 10th A* in my French IGCSE
  • Aryan Dhar, A in Physics IGCSE 10th grade board exam
  • Kanupriuya Kheman A* in French IGCSE 10th grade board exam
  • Shefali Madali 5A* and 3A, IGCSE 10th grade board exams - School Topper
  • Navya Nakka, A* Grade in AP Chemistry, USA
  • Prashanth Arun, A* in A Level Cambridge
  • Vedant Pawar, Distinction in ICAS Mathematics, Year 8
  • Amikul Panaich, A* in Chemistry & English, 10th IGCSE
  • Sagarika Mangal, 93%, 9th Standard IGCSE
  • Rysouke, Germany A* Grade 10, IGCSE
  • Harsha Kumar, Germany A* Grade 10 - IGCSE
  • Tanav Damodaran, Switzerland A* 10th GCSE
  • Abhishek - 10th IGCSE A* in Economics and Business studies

Competitive Exams

  • Ananmay Rajan, Kuwait, overall band score of 6.5 IELTS
  • Kavin, USA, overall score of 1210 PSAT
  • Rahul Vanamali, 1570/1600 in SAT-1, 800 in SAT-2 Math and 118/120 in TOEFL
  • Bhamini Mehraa, 98.77% JEE Main Result Paper II
  • Prashanth Arun, 93.5 Percentile in Physics, NEET 2019
  • Meghna Vanamali, Chennai score of 31 /36 in ACT. 97th Percentile
  • Vinay, Bangalore, Score band 7 IELTS
  • Nuvya, Bangalore. Top performance in SAT
  • Vinnya, Chennai, overall band score 7 in IELTS

Indian Curricula

  • Rishab Rudra, 92% in ICSE 2018.
  • Anam Kazi, 84% in ISC 12th standard.
  • Madhavi, Coimbatore, CBSE 10/10 GPA in Math and Science with a CGPA of 9.4/10.
  • K.V. Kevin, Coimbatore, CBSE, 9.6/10 CGPA 10th exam.
  • Prakruthi Nikam. Std X ICSE 94%
  • Swathi, Coimbatore, 94% in 10th matriculation board exam.
  • Madhavi, Std IX, scored 92% in Matriculation Mathematics exam.
  • Krithanya, std VIII, Matriculation Math, Moved from 65% to 85% in 2 months time.

Abacus and Vedic Math

  • Nirutheish Muthukumar, Vedic Math Level 1 with Distinction
  • Lalith Eswar Dasa, Vedic Math Level1 with Distinction
  • Sujith Gurella, Abacus Level 1 with Distinction
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