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    Passionate and well qualified tutors are the backbone of Catalyze Center. Catalyze Center’s online tutors are selected by a rigorous selection process. The students are periodically guided and helped by an expert panel of teachers, who regularly monitor the progress of the student. We at Catalyze center take up the responsibility for improving your child’s academic performance.

    Catalyze Center offers online tutoring classes for Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Business Math, Accountancy and Economics based on Indian (CBSE, PUC, Stateboards, ICSE/ISC) and International (IGCSE, IB, K-12 and Australian) Curricula. Know in detail about what we teach.


    The problem of one size fits all: Class room learning cannot cater to the individual needs of a student. In our present education system, the same teacher teaches the same set of students in the same way they teach everyone. Unfortunately, this method does not cater to the individual needs of students and leads to lacunae in learning.

    Our Solution: Our prime aim is to provide the student with a comprehensive learning experience. Our focus is the student. Our custom made tutorial solutions are specially designed, addressing the individual student’s needs and capabilities. By focusing on the student, we will be able to ensure they achieve their true academic potential.


    Just think of the time, energy and the transport charges that you spend to attend tuition in centers away from your home. Moreover, parents feel uninvolved in this process and these centers often become an extension of regular school.

    By offering all our courses online we save you more time, reduce the unnecessary energy expenditure and in due course, save you a lot of money. This method of learning also caters to the safety of your child as the learning is from home.


    Our comprehensive tutoring encompasses regular monthly online tests and assignments and continuous monitoring of the student’s progress by our expert panel, regular interactions with parents and students through online PTA meetings, providing the student with a resource center, containing previous year question papers and relevant material.

For a better understanding of the exact process of e-tutoring with Catalyze Center™ for Learning, Take a tour.

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