How Do Universities Use SAT Scores?

sat scores for colleges and universities

IGCSE and Cambridge O levels are similar in many respects, which is why there is always some confusion as to which is the better option for students.

• Universities use 2 types of SAT scoring: Score Choice and Superscoring. It is up to the universities or colleges to decide on which system they will use.

• In Score Choice, the student can decide on which scores to send to the university and which to leave out.

• In Superscoring the university wants all the scores and then accepts the highest ones from each section.

• Superscoring is gaining in popularity, but many universities still use the Score Choice system.

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• It is important to note that Score Choice does not mean that the best scores from different test dates can be submitted. The scores provided must be all from the same test date.

• This is to prevent students from appearing for SAT numerous times and focusing on a high score in one area each time, which will defeat the objective of the SAT.

• It is important to know in advance the policy that the universities you are applying to. For those with the Superscoring policy, you must remember that since all scores must be submitted, low scores could affect your admission chances.

• Those with uneven score patterns – extremely high in some subject and very low in other may find their admission chances low at such universities.

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• Even if the university does not ask for all the scores, consider submitting them all. If there are unforeseen low scores, consult a qualified teacher/tutor for advice about leaving them out. Your SAT scores may appear on other documents such as the transcript and it should not appear that you are hiding any facts.

• This is a decision that will affect your academic future so do not gamble that you can get away with hiding low scores unless you have spoken to those qualified to guide you on what you should do.

• Universities that use the Score Choice system assume that students will only submit their highest scores. Only these scores will be considered and the lower scores, if you decide to send them, will be ignored.

• However, because of the increasing number of applications being received every year, some universities who use Score Choice may be influenced by the lower scores, especially when there are a large number of applications that are more or less the same in terms of the scores.

• Because of the problems students face because of the COVID 19 pandemic, some universities and colleges have decided to go in for a test-optional policy for a limited period. This means that students have the option of not submitting their SAT scores if the pandemic prevent them from taking the SAT.

• While this policy may appear on some university website, it is advisable for students from outside the USA to submit their scores to prevent any problems in the future that could affect their admissions.

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• Joining an online SAT tuition institute will provide you with not just the study and preparation support to get the best possible remarks but also the guidance you need to apply in the right way to colleges and universities.

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