New JEE And NEET Dates for 2020

New JEE And NEET Dates for 2020

Studying for a competitive examination is never easy. The stress of the COVID 19 pandemic makes it much worse. On top of that is the fact that the examinations had to be postponed which left students not knowing how to plan and schedule their preparation so that they were ready at the right time. Taking it easy because of the postponement means risking not being prepared when the examinations are announced. Excessive preparation can lead to burning out by the time the exams are held.

Luckily, the HRD Ministry has finally been able to decide on scheduling JEE and NEET. The JEE (Mains) will be held between 18th to 23 July of this year and the NEET will be conducted on 26th July. When the admission cards for the candidates to enter the examination venues will be available is not yet known, but information on this is expected to be available shortly.

The JEE (Advanced) is expected to be held in August of this year, but the exact date has not yet been announced. News on this is expected to be available soon.

Ramping Up The Preparation

Coaching and tuition are essential to success in these highly competitive examinations. Students who had opted for the traditional classroom format tuition have suffered as these centers have remained closed during the lockdown. With little or no warning, students were caught unprepared for the sudden loss of the support they were depending on. Some of the centers offered online coaching, but they were not used to the process of teaching online and the teachers too often had no experience on how to use the internet to convey what was required. Online tuition is not just a matter of sitting in front of a camera and lecturing. This can seem robotic and make the information difficult to internalize. Besides, the flexibility, convenience and individualized attention that students who were already in regular online tuition receive are not available, as the systems are not in place.

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Understanding this, the Union HRD Minister advised candidates for JEE and NEET use online learning portals to get the support they need and make up for the lost time. This is excellent advice, but it is important to ensure that the tuition is from an experienced and reputed online coaching organization that knows how to use online learning to give students the maximum benefits.

Spending hours on the computer trying to absorb what an inexperienced teacher from an organization that has only been doing classroom-based teaching may give students a false sense of security which will not help them when they actually start taking the examinations.

There Is Still Time

With the JEE and NEET dates now in front of you, this is the time to refocus your preparation and use the coming days to ensure that you perform at your best for the examination. Contacting a top-rated online learning portal that is known for the quality of the JEE and NEET tuition it offers and the success achieved by its students will give you the support you need to succeed.

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