A Guide To Online Learning During The COVID 19 Pandemic

A Guide To Online Learning During The COVID 19 Pandemic

With schools being closed and no certainty of when they will open again, students are left facing a big void in their studies.

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The time being lost, especially for the senior classes is not going to be easy to make up . When the schools do open again, those students who have been able to keep their studies on track during the closure period will be at a great advantage over those who did not. Studying at home to keep up with a syllabus is not the same as preparing for an examination.

Catalyze offers doubt clearing and past paper help. Home study means continuing the process and absorbing new knowledge with proper instruction. Exam preparation is revising and internalizing what students have already been taught. The thought of missing out on studies or of falling behind academically can place great stress on young minds. How do students keep their studies moving ahead without going to school? By bringing the learning home.

Where Is It Available?

Some schools may offer online classes during the closure period, but most are not equipped or prepared for it. This is where expert online tuition programs are of tremendous value. A professional online tuition organization will have expert and experienced online tutors who are familiar with online learning and can ensure that the experience is a smooth one and that students benefit from it in terms of keeping up with their courses with the end objective of doing well in their examinations. To find out how online learning works and how it benefits students, visit the website of a highly reputed online tuition organization.

How To Study At Home

Continuing studies online starts with finding the right online learning programs and joining them. Then comes the issue of actually studying. This is how it can be done:

  • If the computer is centrally located in the home because it is shared by the family, move it to a place where the student will not be disturbed or distracted while studying online.
  • Ensure that the chair and table are of the right size, so the student is comfortable
  • If the internet connection is unreliable or slow, see if it can be upgraded a minimum of 4 MBPS speed is recommended
  • Online learning offers a great deal of flexibility regarding the time spent online and the hours spent revising or doing homework. That does not mean studying at any time or when the mood is right. Discipline is key to learning and it is important that within the flexibility that online learning offers, fixed times and hours for study and revision are set and adhered to. This routine mimics the school timetable and gives students the structure needed to learn effectively.
  • The direct communication facility between student and teacher is a great way to get the personal attention that a student often requires to be able to fully absorb what is being taught and it should be used as required personalized learning.
  • Because everything that is needed for learning is available on the computer, that does not mean that a student should spend all waking hours in front of it. Online learning is fun and opens up the mind to various creative and intellectual possibilities. It is easy to become carried away and overdo the online experience which will be counterproductive as the student can become stale and mentally exhausted without even realizing it. Fixed times for relaxation are as important as the fixed times for learning.
  • It is important to understand that online learning is not a short term measure. It is a highly valuable way of learning that has many advantages of traditional classroom-based learning and can provide students with many positive learning experiences. Students must keep this in mind to maximize the benefits the system offers.

Continuity is an important part of learning. The closure of schools does not have to mean that the learning process which forms the basis of a student’s future comes to a stop. With online learning, the process continues, and the student’s knowledge and confidence grow. When schools reopen, these students will have a head start on achieving academic and future career success.

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