How to clear NEET 2020 in the first attempt?

How to clear NEET 2020 in the first attempt?

Clearing NEET in the first attempt is not easy, but it is an achievable objective. Preparing for the examination with a positive frame of mind along with a determination to succeed in the first attempt is a great motivator and will encourage students to study hard and maximize their preparation. Being organized and creating an effective study and preparation plan are key to this. Keep in mind the following important factors while preparing:

  • Create a study schedule that will not only enable you to complete the NEET syllabus on time but which will also allow you enough time for final revision. The benefit of a study schedule is that it will give you a routine you can settle into to complete the study planned for the day without the pressure of wondering if you have done enough or worrying about what to study next.
  • Make time for yourself. NEET does involve a great deal of hard work. However, remaining physically fit and mentally fresh are key factors in doing well. Prepare hard but allow yourself some time to exercise and relax. There is no need to feel guilty about taking some time off study – it will help you prepare more effectively.
  • Do not fall prey to rumours. There are always stories being spread about what the most important topics for the examination are and why focusing on them is important. Do not believe these unsubstantiated stories – they will only distract you and you may possibly end up ignoring critical areas of study.
  • At the end of the day, do a quick revision of what you have covered and make notes. Go through them the first thing the next morning, before you begin your new preparation. This will help you remember and recall what you have learned.
  • There will always be some topics in which you feel you are strong and some topics where you may not feel confident enough. Do not let this undermine your confidence. No one is strong in every aspect of study. Note down the areas and topics you do not feel sure about and revise your study schedule to allow more time for these topics.
  • Join an online coaching programme. The fact that coaching is essential for NEET success is well known. What is not so well appreciated are the benefits of online coaching. Traditional classroom-based coaching focuses on the needs of the majority of the students and will not be able to give enough attention to the specific needs of individual students. The personal attention that comes with online coaching removes this obstacle. In addition, with online coaching, if it is from a highly reputed institute, students have the benefit of being coached by the best teachers who understand what is needed for their students to succeed. And of course, being able to study online means that neither time nor energy is wasted traveling to coaching classes. This is valuable time that can be better utilized.
  • Every student has doubts about various issues and subjects. Do not ignore the doubts you may have – this will only cause confusion and uncertainty in your preparation.

Clearing NEET in the first attempt is all about working hard, being confident, being organized and having the best coaching support.

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