SAT Prep - How To Cope With It In The New Normal

SAT Prep How To Cope With It In The New Normal

The pandemic has turned the world upside down and nothing, including preparing for competitive examinations like SAT will ever be the same.

Understanding the New Normal in terms of how, when and what to prepare will help you to maximize your preparation.

These are the expected/anticipated SAT dates for international students.

Test Date
• August 29, 2020
• September 26, 2020*
• October 3, 2020
• November 7, 2020**
• December 5, 2020
• March 13, 2021*
• May 8, 2021
• June 5, 2021**

Registration Deadline
• July 31, 2020
• August 26, 2020
• September 4, 2020
• N/A
• November 5, 2020
• February 12, 2021
• April 8, 2021
• N/A

Online Score Release***
• September 21, 2020
• October 9, 2020
• October 16, 2020
• N/A
• December 18, 2020
• March 26, 2021
• May 21, 2021
• N/A

*SAT Subject Tests not available on this date

**Only SAT Subject Tests will be offered on this date

***These are estimated dates. SAT Essay scores are usually released within 10 days of the multiple-choice scores.

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Keep track of your college application deadlines. Typically, U.S. college deadlines are early January or in the first half of November.

Scores are sent to colleges 3 to 5 weeks after the examination, but some institutions take a week or more to process the scores so in some cases a 6-week wait for results is possible.

Will you be applying for a SAT Scholarship or other financial aid? If so check to ensure that you will be meeting all deadlines for applying.

Being positive about your expected SAT score is good but being realistic is more important. Consider repeating SAT if your first attempt does not get you the score you want.

Plan for a second attempt, perhaps even a third one, based on the examination date schedule. That will help you to maximize your preparation.

Decide on how much preparation time you will need. The typical preparation time is 6 months, but your time frame will depend on your specific needs.

Divide your time subject wise and ensure that you do not over-focus on any one aspect while not giving due importance to another.

Do you have any other commitments that will affect your SAT preparation?

Any obligation or commitment that conflicts with your SAT preparation will affect your results and must be resolved without delay.

Plan and schedule - ensure that you make the best possible use of the time you have for preparation.

Do not try to be a hero by preparing on our own. SAT is one of the most competitive of all examinations and having access to the best learning and preparation support and guidance can be crucial in getting the scores you want.

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