Don’t Let Coronavirus Stop Your Studies

Learn from Home

There is no one who has not been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Students, especially those preparing for competitive examinations, are among those who suffer the most. Preparation requires access to study resources, dedication, a focus on the objective and efficient time management. With examinations being canceled, how do they focus on the objective when they do not know when they will reach it? That leads to another problem – not knowing when the examination will be held, how do They manage their time and pace their study so they internalize the knowledge they need without getting stale and bored by needless repletion just to keep the study cycle going? For those taking the IGCSE exams, there is a clear way ahead.

Know What Is Happening

Cambridge Assessment International Education, the organization behind IGCSE, has advised that it will not have any examinations in the immediate future. The Chief Executive of the organization has said, in an online letter to students, teachers and others involved in education, that in these challenging times it will not be possible to set up any time frames or schedule for examinations to be held. However, using the internet, all efforts are being made to minimize disruptions to studies and provide the kind of continuity that will lead to good examination results. Detailed information on matters of interest to IGCSE students may be found on the Cambridge Assessment website.

The Online Alternative

Cambridge Assessment’s publishing partners, Cambridge University Press, Hodder & Stoughton and Collins have made a range of resources, such as e-books, available for free. Click on the link to learn more.

In addition to the support provided by Cambridge Assessment, students need the specialized domain knowledge and teaching expertise that is available online these days. Companies which are experts in Cambridge Curriculum offer effective seamless and knowledge appropriate classes online to help students gain the learning outcomes and cope with the present times. The continuity of learning that is available online will enable students to stay focused and retain their competitive edge so that when examinations are held, or internal assessment is used in place of a formal examination, they are ready for the evaluation and in a position to maximize their results.

Staying Focused

With schools closed and exam dates uncertain, students and parents may feel that there is no alternative to sitting at a desk studying from morning to night so as not to lose the momentum that has developed. That is counterproductive. Getting exercise and mental relaxation are important to remaining physically and mentally fit and focused. The advantage of online tuition is that students receive the personal attention that they need to overcome their specific problem areas in a balanced and effective manner. This enables students to truly understand where they stand in regard to their preparation and maximize their preparation without overstressing themselves, mentally and physically. The confidence that comes from knowing where students stand in their preparation and what they need to do to get the results they expect is a massive advantage in the IGCSE. Hopefully, the postponement will be short, but whenever the examinations are held, with the right online tuition, students will be prepared.

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