Tips for SAT Registration

Tips for SAT Registration

SAT is one of the most important tests taken by high school students aspiring to study further in USA. The following are the tips for SAT Registration:

When is the SAT exam going to be held?

The first and most important tip is to find out when SAT is going to be offered in your school year. Ensure you know the registration deadlines as well for SAT exam dates that you would prefer.

Create your free CollegeBoard Account online

Go to the following URL and create an account for yourself if you have not already done so:

Sign in to your free College Board account

Remember you have to register on your own, your parents or friends are not allowed to do it on your behalf.

Ensure you enter correct details about yourself

The information you provide online should be complete and exactly match what is shown on your photo ID card.

Do you want to opt for Student Search Service?

With Student Search Service, you are asked to give details like your GPA and intended college major. This helps colleges search the student’s database and send you important details of scholarship and college programs available.

Only SAT or SAT with Essay?

Depending on which colleges require it, you may have to take SAT with Essay. It is optional and more expensive -around $17 more for SAT with Essay, so be clear if you need to take the SAT with Essay at all.

Photo ID upload

Remember to upload your correct photo ID online. Also note, it cannot be any photo, it has to meet the exact requirements as laid down by the College Board. Please refer to the following link on official requirements for photo. If your picture does not meet the ALL the requirements then you will not be allowed to take the test!

Printout of Admission Ticket

Please check if everything is correctly displayed in your Admission Ticket and then remember to take a print out of your Admissions Ticket. It needs to be produced on the day you take your test.

Additional tips for some exceptions

You must enter the id number on your fee waiver card in case you are using fee waiver.

In case you have been approved to test with accommodations, remember to enter SSD number on the eligibility letter.

For students who are home-schooled, enter 970000 as the high school code.

For international students outside the US who cannot find their school listed, enter 000004 as the high school code. This is the code for “Unlisted” category. For students in the US, who cannot find their school listed, enter 000003 as the high school code.

You can click the link to read all instructions for SAT Registration.

Lastly, start early and take practice SAT Tests

Start preparing early, and take as many practice tests as you can take.

All the best for your SAT preparations!

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