What is a good SAT score for scholarships?

What is a good SAT score for scholarships?

Have you always dreamed of studying in one of the best colleges in the United States? Is there a particular one that you have in mind? Yes, many youngsters share the dream, but not all can afford it as the top colleges in the US are extremely expensive. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones whose family has agreed to foot the bill. But, even they won’t be able to completely finance your college education. Whether you have some kind of financial backing, or if you are planning to take a loan to pay for college, it makes sense to scout around for scholarships that could partially or fully take care of your fee.

How does one find these scholarships?

There are different types of scholarships available at different colleges around the US. Every college has their own slew of scholarships and the criteria differ.

There are general merit scholarships which are awarded to students who stand out across the board.

There are subject scholarships which offer funding for students who have scored a high score in a certain subject.

The above scholarships will include your SAT score and may include an essay and an interview. You will be competing with other students who have earned the same score and will have to do better than them in the essay and the interview.

There are also guaranteed scholarships on offer, and these are awarded to students who have earned a specific SAT score. These scholarships are automatic and you get your funding right away. Not all colleges offer them and you need to search for the ones that do. An online search for merit scholarship should give you a list of colleges that offer scholarships, a break-up of what they offer as well as the eligibility criteria. Either ways, the bottom line is, the better your SAT score, the better your chances are of getting a scholarship.

What is the SAT score that you should be aiming for to get a scholarship?

Every college has a different bar for SAT scoring. Here is the best way to find out what kind of score you should be aiming for.

First, identify the colleges that you are interested in. Then, make a list of the scholarships that they offer. Now, look up the SAT scores that were awarded scholarships in the previous years. An average of those scores will give you an idea of what score that particular college is looking at for a particular scholarship.

At the end of the day, remember to be practical when you are choosing your college and your scholarship. There is no harm in reaching for the stars, in fact, you should. But, at the same stime, make sure that your feet are firmly on the ground and also apply for scholarships that you would have more of a chance at. For all you know, the collegethat you pick or that picks you may be your dream college after all.

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