What is a good SAT subject test score?

What is a good SAT subject test score?

“Get into a good college and you are set for life!”

I’m sure most youngsters have heard this advice at some time or the other, and it is true. The opportunities that you will get later in life increase with how good the college you attend is. Most companies will look at the college you graduated from when deciding whether to employ you or not. The numbers show that more often than not, they prefer graduates from top colleges.

Did you also know that for many employers, especially in niche fields, not only is it important to recruit from top colleges, but they also consider what departments the college excel in? For example, if the company is looking for a graduate in a specific science, they will scout a college that is well known for their science department.

So, if your final goal is not only to attend a good college but to also get that dream job, you should take a step back and re-evaluate the colleges that you are applying to. Certain colleges are known for certain departments more than others. You should be applying to colleges that are well known in the field that you have decided to pursue. To get into such a college, your SAT score, even if high, may not be enough. You would need a high SAT subject test score too.

What is a good SAT subject test score?

The SAT subject test score will differ from college to college. Of course, the colleges that specialize in that subject will definitely want a very high subject test score. You should be aiming for something in the 700s to get into your college of choice. Some colleges may not confine their admissions to only the SAT score. Their admission criteria may include an essay and even an interview.

Certain colleges prefer that applicants take a SAT subject test for the department that they’re applying for. This is because these tests are designed to measure the candidate’s knowledge of the subjects. The colleges will use the scores as another criterion in their admissions data.

You should research the colleges that offer your subject and find out what their selection process is. If you are sure that you will get a very high SAT score, you could apply only with that, or take a more cautious approach and do the SAT subject test, write the essay and take the interview as well. In general, it is better to apply to a wide range of colleges that offer different paths of selection.

Why is SAT subject test score different from SAT score?

The two really can’t be compared because the SAT subject test scores will be taken by a larger percentage of high achieving candidates in that field than the more generalized SAT tests. So, the average scores for the SAT subject test score will be much higher than the scores for the SAT.

Note: Princetons’ website showed that of the candidates that took the subject test last years, 50% of their admissions had SAT subject test scores between 710 and 790.

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