SAT with Optional Essay: Techniques to Efficiently Manage Time

SAT with Optional Essay: Techniques to Efficiently Manage TimeHave you signed up for the SAT? Then you know that the essay section is not compulsory. Though odds are that you might be more than willing to give it a skip, it could be a good idea to have a SAT essay score. It might come in handy when some colleges in your preference list ask for it as mandatory part of their admission process.

The total duration of SAT with the optional essay section is three hours and 50 minutes. You will be given exactly 50 minutes to complete your essay. Here we have rounded up simple techniques on how to manage your time efficiently to write down the SAT essay with precision.

Engage with the content

The passage would be between 650-750 words long. The first step is to devote 5-10 minutes to read the passage, closely engaging with the content. Active reading skill is what you require at this point. As you read through, make note of the thesis statement and jot down short notes about supporting facts that you will discuss in the following paragraphs. This rough sketch will keep you organized, weaning you away from distractions. It also gives you additional minutes as you work through, covering all key points and staying in line with the logic of the author.

Schedule essay writing

Spend about 30-35 minutes for writing your essay. Pay more attention to the introductory and closing passages as graders are known to look at these parts of the essay more closely. Put down a strong thesis at the end of the opening paragraph that gives the graders a peek into the quality of the rest of the essay.

Set aside the last 5-10 minutes to go over it again, proofread, do edits and polish it. Be sure to use the last few minutes wisely without stressing about the time. Remember you do not have to bring in your own point of view or summarize the contents of the passage.

There is no specific requirement on the number of words you should write for the essay. However, following the basic essay format (introduction-body paragraphs-conclusion), write at least two pages to fully address the key constituents of the author’s argument. To wrap up, reiterate your thesis adding more evidence, summarizing the author’s argument with a sense of finality.

Why practice makes you perfect?

Remember there are no shortcuts to success. It helps to practice writing essays in a typical exam-like environment, timing yourself with a watch. After repeated run throughs, you would fall into a rhythm that helps better management of your time to finish your essay without panic. Taking several timed tests also familiarizes you with the topics found in SAT prompts.

Becoming an active reader keeps you well acquainted with the glossary. Having a good grasp of the right vocabulary allows you to organize your analysis and shape your thinking to write an impressive piece of SAT essay.

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