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  • International Curricula

    • Kevin Swamy. USA, A+ in Physics 2 & Computer Science AP
    • Natasha, Bangalore, B in Chemistry IGCSE Grade 7
    • Rohan Rao, Bangalore, Best Student-Teacher Award AS level 7th Grade
    • Smithinjay, A in 10th Grade IGCSE Math Exam, UAE
    • Charit, Hyderabad, A Level Got admission in VIT Computer Science
    • Elamathi, A8 in Science and Math IGCSE 10th Grade, Luxembourg
    • Kanupriya Khemani, Mumbai, 10th A* in my French IGCSE
    • Aryan Dhar, A in Physics IGCSE 10th grade board exam
    • Kanupriuya Kheman A* in French IGCSE 10th grade board exam
    • Shefali Madali 5A* and 3A*, IGCSE 10th grade board exams - School Topper
    • Navya Nakka, A* Grade in AP Chemistry, USA
    • Prashanth Arun, A* in A Level Cambridge
    • Vedant Pawar, Distinction in ICAS Mathematics, Year 8
    • Amikul Panaich, A* in Chemistry & English, 10th IGCSE
    • Sagarika Mangal, 93%, 9th Standard IGCSE
    • Rysouke, Germany A* Grade 10, IGCSE
    • Harsha Kumar, Germany A* Grade 10 - IGCSE
    • Tanav Damodaran, Switzerland A* 10th GCSE
    • Abhishek - 10th IGCSE A* in Economics and Business studies
  • Competitive Exams

    • Ananmay Rajan, Kuwait, overall band score of 6.5 IELTS
    • Kavin, USA, overall score of 1210 PSAT
    • Rahul Vanamali, 1570/1600 in SAT-1, 800 in SAT-2 Math and 118/120 in TOEFL
    • Bhamini Mehraa, 98.77% JEE Main Result Paper II
    • Prashanth Arun, 93.5 Percentile in Physics, NEET 2019
    • Meghna Vanamali, Chennai score of 31 /36 in ACT. 97th Percentile
    • Vinay, Bangalore, Score band 7 IELTS
    • Nuvya, Bangalore. Top performance in SAT
    • Vinnya, Chennai, overall band score 7 in IELTS
  • Indian Curricula

    • Rishab Rudra, 92% in ICSE 2018.
    • Anam Kazi, 84% in ISC 12th standard.
    • Madhavi, Coimbatore, CBSE 10/10 GPA in Math and Science with a CGPA of 9.4/10.
    • K.V. Kevin, Coimbatore, CBSE, 9.6/10 CGPA 10th exam.
    • Prakruthi Nikam. Std X ICSE 94%
    • Swathi, Coimbatore, 94% in 10th matriculation board exam.
    • Madhavi, Std IX, scored 92% in Matriculation Mathematics exam.
    • Krithanya, std VIII, Matriculation Math, Moved from 65% to 85% in 2 months time.
  • Abacus and Vedic Math

    • Nirutheish Muthukumar, Vedic Math Level 1 with Distinction
    • Lalith Eswar Dasa, Vedic Math Level1 with Distinction
    • Sujith Gurella, Abacus Level 1 with Distinction

Leader of the Decade

Our Founder & CEO Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy was recognized by the Women Economic Forum as "Leader of the decade" in EdTech. Catalyze is a pioneer in EdTech with over a decade experience in providing Personalized Live Interactive Programs to students all over the world in school subjects, competitive exams and IT programming. Our Bespoke programs are sought after by students from various boards and curricula as we work with the learning curve of the student. Catalyze specializes in Home schooling especially for students in the Cambridge and IB stream. Catalyze's vision is to transform all our Learners to achieve more than their aspirations through personalized education.

Leader of the decade

Indian Education Awards 2020

Catalyze Congratulates it's students, tutors and co-ordinators on this Prestigious recognition of being the winner in Online Tutoring Catagory at the Indian Education awards 2020. It is indeed a proud moment for Team Catalyze.

Woman Super Achiever

Woman Super Achiever

It was a proud moment for Team Catalyze when our Founder & CEO Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy got recognized as a "Woman Super Achiever" at the World Women Leadership Congress and Awards held in Mumbai. It is a great Honor to be recognized among women Leaders in 75 countries. Congrats to Team Catalyze, the tutors, parents and students on this Recognition.

Woman Super Achiever

Some of our Best Teachers sharing their Experiences

Handpicked & Certified by Catalyze for Quality Teaching

Meet our Tutors

  • Mrs Radha Venkatesh
  • Mrs. Hemalatha
  • Mrs.Mythili Vijayaraghavan
  • Mrs. Sunanda Vinod
  • Mrs Vrinda Khemani
  • Ms. Selina VP
  • Mrs. Meenakshi Ramasubramaniam
  • Mrs. Kumudha Krishnan
  • Mrs. Poorni Natrajan
  • Mrs. Usha Shathish
  • Mrs. Manasi Kadam Bhonsle
  • Mrs. Sunitha Peter
  • Mrs. Ramalakshmi
  • Mrs. Jenifer Christina
  • Mr. CS. Ranganath
  • Mrs. Anuja Chaoji
  • Mrs. Durga Kozhikote
  • Mrs. Kavita Varghese
  • Mrs. Meena
  • Mrs. Shanthi Balasubramanian
  • Mrs. Sharada Mowli
  • Mrs. Zil Sanghvi
  • Mrs. Latha Sunil
  • Dr. Gowri Venkatachalam
  • Mrs. Jeyadevi
  • Mrs. Prabha Srinivasan
  • Mrs. Preethi Raja Gopal
  • Mrs. Olivia George
  • Mrs. Lakshmi Perumal
  • Mrs. Ranjani Kamalakannan
  • Mrs. Ambiga Ramachandran
  • Mrs. Arul Nangai
  • Mrs. Gayathri Venkatachalam
  • Mrs. Vishnu Priya
  • Mrs. Ranjita Panda
  • Mrs. Chithra Damodaran
  • Mrs. Reenu Takur
  • Mrs. Satya Durga
  • Ms. Soumyashree Hangal
  • Mrs. Venmuhil Lebin
  • Mrs. Shanmugapriya Paluchamy

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