mission, vision & belief

Our belief: "Every child is gifted in terms of talent.
What they are not gifted is only in terms of the opportunities and the mentors they get".


We at Catalyze center for Personalized Online Learning strongly believe in the power of education and technology. By combining the best of both worlds, our goal is to touch and impact the lives of thousands of children who are gifted in talent but are just in need of the right opportunities and the right mentors.

In chemistry, the role of a catalyst is to accelerate a chemical reaction. By lowering the activation energy required for a chemical reaction to occur, catalysts enable the reactants to form products in seconds, which, if not for the presence of the catalyst would have taken ages to complete. Taking that same analogy to learning, we can boost your child’s academic performance with our experienced and well qualified tutors.


To be a global leader in education, igniting young minds and inculcating passion for knowledge, ensuring every student achieves his or her personal goal, in a safe, positive and nurturing environment.


To provide personalized coaching for students in a collaborative and participative manner. We create a firm knowledge base, combining latest advancements in technology with up-to-date teaching methods.

Catalyze Center is Managed by experienced educationalists, who have more than 25 years teaching experience and who are passionate about teaching.

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